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Production Unit Bios

Jeffery Akers

Jeff Akers is a man with vision. As a director and producer, he has a flare that connects across all boundaries. The secret to his ability as a producer and director is his own experiences as an artist. He has been on both sides of the lens around the world. As a producer and director he has worked from North America to Asia and places in between.

His vision and consistently intense focus have made him an award winner. His experience makes him a valued team member on every project. His enthusiasm and charisma motivates others. Most importantly his dedication to his art ensures every project he undertakes exceeds all expectations.

Phillip Duckett

Phil has a strong college back ground in event production and music engineering. That, combined with his experience makes him a powerful player in every project. Phil has over twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry. In the last twenty years he has excelled in his field.

Phil is not only an engineer; he is a multi-platinum producer as well. In 2004, he produced the track "Heart of a Champion" for Grammy Award winning artist Nelly. He also produced music for Ras Kass, and provided the score for the Roy Jones Jr documentary "Heart of a Champion". Currently Phil is taking the time to work with local independent artists, engineers, and producers. Phil is looked upon as a mentor and source of inspiration by those working with him.

Over the years Phil managed to also create a place for himself in corporate work. He has worked on the lighting and audio side of productions both large and small. In the summer of 2008 he was the lead lighting operator for the South Carolina Music Awards held in Greenville, South Carolina.

Alexxander Hernandez

Alexxander is a twelve year veteran of the entertainment industry. He began as a composer and singer. Over time he developed his skills as an Audio Engineer, . He has established himself as a Latin Urban engineer and performer in Colombia, South America. He has composed, engineered, and produced for Colombia's top urban performer Final "The Musical Mind".

Alexxander has four years of videography experience and nearly two years of editing experience. He is quickly becoming in demand in both North and South America. His creativity has led to comparisons with Hype Williams and Andy Warhol.

Alexxander's creativity and charisma make him joy to work with. His passion for creative excellence, and thirst for knowledge, ensures that he breaks new ground with every project.

Shane McMullen

Shane is college educated in video production. More importantly he has proven himself as an industry veteran. Shane has performed videography, editing, and lighting duties on numerous independent and national releases. His most recent project was working as Best Boy on the nationally released movie Fire Proof.

Shane has proven himself to be a fountain of creative and technical expertise. His involvement in a project guarantees it will be done professionally and with a flourish.

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